December 14th and 15th is “National StreetPass Weekend”




Get your 3DS ready!

Nintendo has declared December 14-15th as National Streetpass Weekend.  All 29,000+ Nintendo Zone locations all over North America (Including Hawaii and Alaska) Will be shuffling and exchanging Streetpass Relay information with each other. What does that mean? You will be able to receive StreetPass information from 3DS users from all across the United States and Canada! Now you can finally fill out that StreetPass Mii Plaza location map.  Be sure to visit a Nintendo Zone to get in on all the StreetPass action, Get ready to fill that Plaza!

Find the Nintendo Zone closest to you here!

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  • Looks fun :D

  • Nick Burbach

    Very excited for this. I’ll actually be in New York City that weekend too, so it should be a streetpass fest all weekend long for me.