Data Miner Suggests There May be a Playable Rhythm Heaven Character Coming to Smash 4

Chorus Men Smash Bros. 4

Recently, a Data Miner involved in the Smash community has made some interesting discoveries. After doing a search through the Wii U’s system files, some interesting discoveries were made.

The Data Miner says this evidence suggests that Dr. Mario would receive his very own stage in the Wii U version of the game.

“This strongly suggests that Dr. Mario was going to receive a stage. Perhaps the three different Viruses had a different effect on the players (Chill could freeze, Weird could give the effect of Lip’s Stick and Fever could give players fire breath). There’s no way to tell as the models and stage have been removed.”

The Data Miner (who goes by the name of PushDustIn) also confirmed that character files for the Chorus Men from the Rhythm Heaven Series were found, suggesting that the big leak that happened over the summer may not have been too far from the truth after all.

If you hope to see the Chorus Men make an appearance, then the video below is worth checking out.

What are your thoughts on these data mining results? Could these rumored additions to the game become a reality through a DLC pack one day? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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