Cubemen 2 will have Cross-Platform Multiplayer

Cubemen 2 is an upcoming tower defense/ real time strategy game for the Wii U. The title has already hit Windows, OSX, Linux, and iOS platforms, and will soon be hitting the Wii U in a couple of weeks. From a far this game seems to have nothing special to it, but behind the scenes this game will be taking the Wii U to new territory.

The title will have cross-platform multiplayer, meaning that you can play online with players on any of the other platforms this game runs on. This opens up a brand-new can of worms of what developers can do, now that the Wii U has seen this type of play.

This definitely will have a huge impact on first-person shooters and massively-multiplayer online games as now a single central server can be used as opposed to multiple servers for each console, making this more cost effective for developers and much more open to players.

Look out Cubemen 2 on September 4th! It’ll be available on the Nintendo eShop for 7.99 USD.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about this cross-platform online play and if it should continue to be used in other titles!

Via: Nintendo Enthusiast

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