Cranky Kong Confirmed For Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

President of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils Aime, has confirmed at Spike’s VGX event that Cranky Kong will be a playable character in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. This announcement isn’t too surprising at all considering the fact that Cranky Kong was already leaked in some photos of the game cover on the internet. This announcement was made even more awkward when Reggie was asked if there would be a 5th character in the game and Reggie quickly shrugged it off. Reggie also mentioned that this game would be released on February 21st 2014.  This once again shows us that Nintendo is not being smart in the marketing department. We can only hope that Nintendo will do better in the future.

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  • David Aguayo

    I honestly just don’t think that Nintendo believed this event to be that big a deal, and honestly, I’m inclined to agree. It’s a shame that the info they planned to reveal here was leaked, but can you fault them for not revealing something else just for that reason? We’re due for a Nintendo Direct sometime soon, and that’s where Nintendo is most likely to drop bombs.

    Was it a chance to show off something big? Maybe. Is it really gonna hurt them not to have revealed something major to a crowd of people that’s mostly made up of M-Game PS4/Xbone fans? Doubtful.

  • Good point :D But still, if they knew that they would be presenting content to a mostly m-rated gamer audience, why did they not go with something like Bayonetta DLC/Bayonetta 2.This is probably one of the worst titles they could have chosen to present.

  • David Aguayo

    Yes the choice of title was strange in my opinion. At my most optimistic I expected Monolith’s X, just because the look of it might have appealed to that crowd, but Bayonetta 2 would have been an easy pick in my opinion. I can only assume that they wanted to promote their 1st party title most immediately on the horizon.

    Why they would think that’s the way to go? Well perhaps they think DKC needs the extra promotion where as something like Bayonetta should do well given it’s cult following. Or perhaps they are actually that out of touch with what people like to see at these types of events, there’s really no denying that possibility.

  • Oh there’s a huge chance of that being a possibility. Nintendo’s marketing strategies have been absolutely abysmal in the past year. I mean think about it, what’s the PS4/Xbox One to Wii U ad ratio? In the first two days of the PS4 and Xbox One being released, I’ve seen more ads for both of the consoles than I’ve seen for the Wii U. But why though? Why is Nintendo not doing that sort of stuff? I’ve only seen their ads on sites that are Nintendo related.

  • David Aguayo

    It’s hard to say, but I think that they just don’t feel the need to appeal to the West. This last year has hopefully shown them the error of their way,and apart from this latest “problem” with VGX I’d say they seem to have learned. It isn’t as many as the newest systems, but I’ve seen more Wii U ads compared to other times of the year, and that Southwest promotion as well as having demo stations in airports are pretty genius moves if you ask me.

    We as fans can only hope they step it up in 2014, and personally I’m feeling confident about it. My thing has always been that despite the marketing woes, despite the confusion over the title, the biggest problem was lack of software. If the Wii U’s sell as poorly as they have this first year once the software starts hitting shelves, THEN I’ll start to worry.

  • I agree :D You watched the VGX event right? If so, how did you feel about the awkward conversations and jokes that happened while Reggie was there XD

  • David Aguayo

    Well I usually can’t stand being present for awkward exchanges, but you know what? For some reason I just didn’t feel as terrible as others seemed to haha. I mean Joel McHale in general makes the sorts of jokes that make conversations uncomfortable, so maybe I was just used to that being a fan(?) of his. Worst part was Geoff asking about the pin Reggie was wearing because there was no reason for him to think it would lead to anything but a weird conversation about a pin X]

  • Yeah I agree with you but it was just too awkward to bear when Reggie was like: “My body is always ready for you!” Lol