Could Attack on Titan 3DS See a Localization?

The Attack on Titan franchise, despite its enormity, only bears two video games to its name, both on the 3DS. The Japan-only game was originally released in 2013, and got an upgraded version last year in 2014. For all the patient fans in waiting, publisher Atlus USA may bring the upgraded edition, The Last Wings of Mankind – Chain, to the west pretty soon.

The evidence that Attack on Titan 3DS would be localized goes back to last May, when the game’s original publisher Spike Chunsoft was seeking a western partner to bring the game outside of Japan. In October, a rating was discovered on the Australian Ratings Board. Nothing came up again until this week when Atlus posted a strange Vine video. Consisting of a man savagely tearing into packets of ketchup and asking, “Are you the hot dog? No, we’re the ketchup.”, it bore more than a passing resemblance to the Attack on Titan opening.

Finally, when Nintendo announced their latest Nintendo Direct this morning, Atlus USA retweeted the news. While the publisher also announced the localization of Stella Glow, the previous Vine’s timing could not be a mere coincidence.

 With Nintendo’s Direct a day away, the ball is in Atlus’ court. What do you expect from an Attack on Titan 3DS announcement? Is this the right time to bring the game westward?

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