CoroCoro: New Zyngarde Formes Revealed

The latest issue of CoroCoro Magazine was leaked online last night, and confirms that the Legendary Pokémon Zyngarde has not one, not two, but four alternate formes in the next Pokémon game. The Zyngarde we’ve known since October 2013 is now called Zyngarde 50% Form. A doberman-like form is called Zyngarde 10%, while the giant titan is Zyngarde Perfect forme. This titanic monster is the Order Pokémon and excels the power of both Xerneas and Yveltal.

CoroCoro green blob.jpg

The green blob first seen in July is confirmed to be related, called Zyngarde Core. It also comes in a Zyngarde Cell form when flat, and it makes up the brain of every Zyngarde form.

Although the game that these formes was not confirmed, the Pocket Monsters XY anime will be re-branded beginning this October to reflect these updates. Pokémon XY & Z will take effect on the series beginning October 29th on TV Tokyo. The magazine points to a new appearance for Greninja that has elements of Ash Ketchum’s design called ‘Ash Greninja’.

XYZ poster.png

Next month, all these new Zyngarde forms will debut in the anime’s Mega Evolution Special IV.

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