Corocoro Leak Reveals Event Pokémon Hoopa

Hoopa Event Pokemon

As it is written in the stars, every February sees the premature leak of Japanese magazine CoroCoro Magazine. Of interest to Pokémon fans is that these issues tend to reveal an unreleased event Pokémon, as in Darkria, Shaymin, or Arceus. This year, the reveal came unusually early, as the secret event Pokémon of X and Y, Hoopa, has been officially unveiled. This was to be expected, as Diancie was unveiled the prior year in time for the 17’th Pokémon movie.

As internet readers already know, Hoopa is the “Mischief Pokémon”, able to summon entire islands via its golden rings. In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, those same rings are the source of countless Legendary Pokémon players can catch in the sky and on special mirage islands.


Along with Hoopa’s reveal, the full title for the 18’th Pokémon movie, set for release in Japan this summer, was revealed as “The Archdjinn of Rings: Hoopa”. The title of archdjinn reflects Hoopa’s origins as a genie-type critter, as well as hint at its unreleased Unbound form. The movie will release on July 18th, with a US release expected in the fall.

Hoopa has already been uncovered in the code of X and Y way back in late-2013. Its Unbounded form was similarly found in the code of Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire last year. Players right now can only obtain the Pokémon via hacking, but an official release will put the Mischief Pokémon in everyone’s hands. The Unbound form will be exclusive to OR/AS players and presumably all games going forward.

This early reveal, right before Japan’s World Hobby Fair, seems timed to combat against the rising power of Level 5’s Yokai Watch, which has been rising in popularity in Japan, and eating some of Pokémon’s lunch when it comes to sales and popularity.


Speaking to the World Hobby Fair, a shiny Rayquaza, also set to feature in the 18th movie, will be given out to attendees. No word on a distribution for the west at this time, however.

This article will be updated once Hoopa is officially revealed. What are your thoughts on Hoopa?


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