CoroCoro Confirms Ash Pikachu Distribution For 20th Pokémon Movie

The latest issue of CoroCoro Magazine has confirmed the distribution of a special Ash Pikachu for the upcoming 20th Pokémon movie. In the course of 2017, Japan will see the release of six unique Pikachu, each sporting a hat based on the head wear of Ash Ketchum, the Pokémon anime’s protagonist. Each Pikachu will also come with a serial code for the Z-Crystal Pikashunium, which unlocks the exclusive-to-this-Pikachu move 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt.

  • The Original Cap Pikachu will be available April 15th-May 1st and then July 19th-July 31st, following the premier of the movie.
  • Hoenn Cap Pikachu is available from May 3rd-May 15th and August 2nd-August 14th.
  • Sinnoh Cap Pikachu is out from May 17th-May 29th and August 16th-August 28th.
  • Unova Cap Pikachu will go from May 31st-June 12th and August 30th-September 11th.
  • The Kalos Cap Pikachu will be available from June 14th-June 26th and September 13th-25th
  • And finally, the Alola Cap Pikachu is out there from September 27th-October 9th and September 13th-September 25th

The existence of the Ash Pikachu and its varieties has been known since the extensive datamining of Pokémon Sun and Moon last November, ten days before the games even released. Undoubtedly, this distribution will arrive in western regions sometime later this year, along with the 20th movie.


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