Construct 2 Game Engine Now Supports The Wii U

Great news for Web Developers! Scirra’s HTML5 based game engine (Construct 2) now supports the Wii U! Construct 2 takes advantage of the Nintendo Web Framework. Here are some details:

Scirra are proud to officially announce upcoming support for Nintendo’s Wii U™ system. Nintendo-authorized developers will be able to create and self-publish games on the Nintendo eShop using Construct 2, the leading HTML5 game creation tool. This is a tremendously exciting step towards making game development for major consoles faster, easier and available to a wider audience of developers than ever before. It’s also a sign of the strength of HTML5 as a console-grade game development platform and the cross-platform breadth of web technologies.

If you would like to develop with this game engine you’ll first have to become a Nintendo Authorized Developer (duh!!!), get yourself a Wii U development kit, and a Construct 2 Personal License or Business License.

The Wii U will be the fifteenth platform supported by Construct 2, and Scirra will continue their mission of making game development fast, easy and accessible at a low cost with a high-quality game editor and cross-platform engine. Continuing our policy of “all platforms for one price”, Wii U support will also be made available to all existing Construct 2 license owners at no extra charge.

So there you go! If you think this would be an interesting tool to develop with, go ahead. I’d love to see what comes out of this in the future!

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