Consoles a Dying Market?

Long time video game analyst, Michael Patcher, has spoken about a possible change. A very scary change.

For the longest time, there had been talk of consoles dying out. It’s been happening ever since gaming hit the mainstream. But we were never really concerned; after all, console gaming is a huge industry. However, Michael Patcher has some very different thoughts from you and I; so much so, that he believes mobile gaming will take over the gaming industry.

Michael told us: “By the end of 2014, mobile gaming is expected to reach $21.1 billion, up 19 percent from $17.7 billion in 2013, according to market researcher SuperData Research.This theme of Total World Domination is what we’re going to be talking about at our GamesBeat 2014 conference on Sept. 15-16 in San Francisco. Console games are currently seeing a resurgence with the sales of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. But in the long term, the cycle may be the last one, according to some of the seers of the game business. We may lament the death of consoles, but we’ll continue to celebrate the growth of gaming anytime, anywhere.”

Afterwards, he gives us a chilling statistic: Per month, there is an active 350 million people playing Candy Crush SagaCandy Crush SagaThat’s insane! If you compare that to a (somehow) still popular game series Call of Duty, only 25 million players regulate per month. In case you’re not following, mobile free-to-play gaming has a bigger audience than the 9th best-selling game in the world.

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 12.25.26 PM

This tiny machine might just be soon dominating the gaming market.

The highest selling game of all time is Tetris. It sold 143 million copies. 143 million still does not even scratch the huge ever-growing number that is 350 million monthly players of Candy Crush Saga.Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 12.35.36 PM


Patcher gave some insight on Nintendo, too.

“Nintendo is more than a decade behind the curve. There is no place for Nintendo hardware. Nobody cares. They will have to abandon hardware.” Ouch.

What are your thoughts on the ever-growing mobile gaming scene? Do you think it really is going to squash console gaming?

You can read the full article and see Michael’s comments here:

Michael Patcher receives all of his information in this article from SuperData Research.

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