Confirmed: Splatoon Getting Playable Octolings + Callie and Marie amiibo

Splatoon Octoling

Notorious hacker NWPlayer123 has recently revealed on his Twitter account that playable Octolings will be coming to the next Splatoon update! In addition to this huge discovery, he’s also found amiibo data for the Octolings, Callie and Marie meaning that we could see them on store shelves soon!

Take a look at the tweets (in the form of a Splatoon Direct) below:

At first this was thought to be all fake, but we’re seeing playable Octolings with our own eyes on NWPlayer123’s Twitch stream. What are your thoughts on all of these announcements? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  • I want Callie and Marie amiibos so bad! <3
    Callie ftw ^_^

  • …also, playable Octolings are flippin’ awesome and I’m totes gonna play one when available, but… I’ll be waaaay more exited when we get new and changeable hairstyles.