Competitive Multiplayer Mode Headed to Hover: Revolt of Gamers

Hover Revolt of Gamers Wii U Kickstarter

After reaching their initial Kickstarter goal in less than 3 Days, the Developers of Hover: Revolt of Gamers have now introduced a competitive multiplayer mode to the game! In their latest Kickstarter update, Midgar Studio’s (developer of Hover) says that they wanted competition to be an important aspect of the game while allowing the player to remain fully immersed in it. You can check out what they said below:


We wanted to have a huge competitive aspect in Hover and we found it very fun to have it directly in the game background.

For example we want to put the nicknames and avatars of each gamers from the latest tournaments inside city’s screens and also we wanted to add holographic statues with winner’s avatars.

If you’re tired to run you can also bet and watch races on the city screens.

You can live all that in multiplayer and in solo and you can even remove the interface to have a full immersion !

Will you be picking up this game? If you have yet to back this project on Kickstarter, why not go ahead and back it so that you can help them reach their stretch goals? (Psst… $100,000 gets Wii U owners local multiplayer!)

Source: Kickstarter

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