Club Nintendo Shutting Down with Replacement Program to Follow

Since 2003, Club Nintendo has been a constant presence for loyal Nintendo fans around the world. Fans in North America and Europe have enjoyed the program’s reward system since 2008, but they won’t have much longer. Nintendo just announced that Club Nintendo is finally being shut down by the end of June 2015. In North America, current members can continue registering games until March 30th, and redeem their coins for existing rewards until June 30th.


Fortunately, Nintendo plans to transition Club Nintendo members until the site’s discontinuation. As a reward for their membership, many new physical and digital rewards will be added in February. Even more surprising, the long-overdue Flipnote 3D will finally be available to North American and European Club Nintendo members, for free. No word about a wider release of Flipnote was given however, as the last date to download it ends on June 30th.

The shutdown of Club Nintendo shouldn’t come as a surprise at all. There have been many telltale signs that the site was going to die eventually. North American fans have been dealt the brunt of the blow, as their rewards have gotten worse and worse over the years, culminating in digital-only annual rewards last July. The New Nintendo 3DS does not come with a Club Nintendo registration card, another sign of things to come. And last year, Satoru Iwata told investors that the company was investigating new ways to reward its loyal consumers. With the Digital Deluxe Program also brought to a close, Nintendo may be preparing a program that blends DDP with Club Nintendo.

Nintendo says a replacement program will be announced later this year. However, we may get our first news about this replacement loyalty program when Nintendo has their investors meeting later this month. In the meantime, Nintendo of America’s Scott Moffit expresses his gratitude to the company’s loyalists. “We thank all Club Nintendo members for their dedication to Nintendo games and their ongoing love for our systems and characters,” he said in an official release.

What are your thoughts on the true death of Club Nintendo? Are you not surprised that it is coming to an end?

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