Club Nintendo Rewards For December 2013 Available For Order Now

It’s that time of the month again! You’ll be able to pick up some new retro games to add to your 3DS or Wii U portfolio on Club Nintendo! This months rewards include:

Balloon Fight is a game for the Arcade and NES that features the Balloon Fighter, a man that is hanging by one or two balloons fighting other enemies with balloons. The game is very similar to the arcade game Joust. To defeat an enemy, you must go above him and pop his balloons. Other than the enemies, there are also obstacles that can block and/or hurt you, such as lightning.-Nintendo Wikia

Balloon Fight is a very popular retro game so you won’t wanna miss your chance to purchase it for 200 coins on the Wii U using your Club Nintendo code!

Super Mario Bros. 2, (スーパーマオUSA, Sūpā Mario Yūesuei in Japan), is the sequel to Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It features new playable characters such asPrincess Peach and Toad. The game is reskinned from an unpopular game in Japan entitled Doki Doki Panic, thought with minor adjustments to have it suit more of the Mario series.

Its remakes include Super Mario USA for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, being Japan-exclusive released in 1992 andSuper Mario Advance for the Game Boy Advance released in 2001. It’s Virtual Console release for the Wii was in 2007 and for theNintendo 3DS and Wii U in 2012 and 2013 respectively. -Nintendo Wikia

You’ll also be able to pick this title up on the Wii U Virtual Console service for 150 coins!

Mario’s Picross is a puzzle video game for the Game Boy and the3DS Virtual Console as a part of the Mario series. It consists of 192 nonograms, separated into three groups of 64. -Nintendo Wikia

It seems as though 3DS owners got the bad end of the deal this time. Mario’s Picross doesn’t sound all that exciting. If you’re a die-hard Mario collector though, you’ll be able to pick up this game for 150 coins on the 3DS Nintendo eShop for 150 coins.

That’s all for now, but next month there’ll be even more rewards to see so make sure to check back whenever you’re ready!

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  • Hopefully I’ll get a chance to play Balloon Fight later this month. I’ve heard good things but I’ve never got around to playing it XD

  • oddleaf

    Picross is freaking awesome i remember having this on my gameboy :D ah memories