Chubbins Review (Wii U)

Chubbins is a game that’s going to cause a lot of people to break their controllers. Incredibly simple, yet demanding perfection; this is a game for people with patience. Chubbins is one of the hardest platformers on the eShop, with a retro feel. The controls are simple, use the D-Pad (or L and R) to move left and right. Jumping is done automatically when you land on platform blocks. Arrows on those blocks indicate the length and speed of those jumps. There aren’t enemies in the traditional sense of stomp, punch and kick,  but act as moving obstacles rather than stationary than the spike balls (another hazard in this game). Speaking of spike balls, these stationary objects come in varying colors, which you can pass through after touching a “vegetable” of the same color.

All these things (and more) add up to a rather tough little indie platformer that demands your absolute patience and determination. I’m glad you have unlimited lives because you’ll die…a lot. A whole lot. Instead of scoring points, you’re timed by how long you complete a World. The controls are tight and you’ll learn to use Chubbins’ “floaty-ness” to your advantage. Just as you think you’re getting good…Chubbins manages to get just that much harder. There were a few places where the game might have been too punishing. It may have just been me, but some more play testing and tweaking of the spaces between platforms could have been better. I’m not the best at platformers, but I still enjoyed its difficulty regardless.

One minor gripe I had were the Boss Battles. Instead of  attacking the boss, you are tasked with avoiding them while trying to score bounces on an orb. These orbs do damage to the boss, which is fine, but there was no bar or indication of how many time you needed to bounce on this orb to end the battle. I guess this lends to the difficulty. It’s a minor issue.

As far as graphics and sound go, it’s very simple. Not spectacular, but  just enough to get the job done.  For a two-man team, Dahku Creations did a pretty darn good job. It’s hard to criticize such a small indie team on things like graphics and music design, but they did good where where it counts…Gameplay. If you’re in the mood to pick up a challenging platformer, Chubbins will have you hurdling your controllers towards the wall in rage on June 5, 2014.

P.S. I recommend checking out their blog. It’s a neat look into the process of porting games to Wii U and the whole indie game making process in general. I give Chubbins a 7/10!

Chubbins Review (Wii U)
An indie platformer with a retro style difficulty, Definitely not for the feint of heart, but great for those who love a challenge.
Sound and Music6
Replayability 8
Difficulty 8.5
  • Retro Feel
  • Challenging Platforming
  • Tons of Replay Value
  • Graphics could use a bit more polish
  • Confusing Boss Battles
  • The music is fine, but not spectacular
7Overall Score
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