Child Of Light Will Have A Playable Demo At PAX East 2014

Child of Light Wii U Gameplay

Child of Light Co-Op

Ubisoft must sense that fans want to know more about their upcoming whimsical RPG, Child of Light because it will have a playable demo at PAX East 2014! Here’s a tidbit of all the information from the press release:

Fans of Child of Light will have their first opportunity to step into the magical world of Lemuria by playing a new hands-on demo of the turn-based RPG. Playing as main character, Aurora, players will use an active turn-based fight system to uncover mythical dragons and other enchanting creatures, as well as explore the gorgeous watercolor-painted 2D environments in a poetic journey inspired by fairy tales.

Sounds like it’ll be an exciting demo!

Developed using the award-winning UbiArt Framework engine, Child of Light will be available to download on PC and current and next-gen consoles on April 30. (Yes, that includes the Wii U)

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