Check Out The Goodines in Japan’s Final Club Nintendo Update

Club Nintendo is on its deathbed in 2015, destined to shut down on June 30th in North America. Japanese and European fans have a little longer with the program, as it doesn’t end in those territories until September. And Japanese fans have some new prizes to be happy about. While the Japanese Club Nintendo doesn’t have the 100+ digital downloads North America has, there are plenty of new physical prizes worth their weight in coins.

Among the highlights, there is an official 2-Disc Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack, new designs for 3DS pouches (including Mario and Animal Crossing) and a colorful storage case, fabulous T-Shirts with controller iconography, and new, exclusive 3DS menu themes, one in particular celebrating the history of Nintendo’s hardware (yes, including the Virtual Boy).

Also keep an eye out on this Japan-exclusive 3D Mario – made entirely of cardboard.

These prizes join Club Nintendo’s contingent of existing prizes as the program comes to a close. This is surely the last set of prizes available to Japanese users, with no word of whether they will be released to the west. If you’re a Club Nintendo user concerned about accessing the site for any prizes, remember that you have until June 30th, 2015 to redeem your coins (registration of games for coins ends on March 31st).

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