Capcom Releasing new game Gaist Crusher God in Japan

Who says Capcom is doing nothing with Mega Man? Their next game is essentially Mega Man except by name. Next month, Capcom Japan is releasing a new game for the Nintendo 3DS called Gaist Crusher God.

The concept involves using what is called a Gai Metal to “Gaist On” and become a powerful warrior. You can also obtain new forms by defeating bosses and inheriting their Gai Metals. Anyone who has played the Mega Man ZX series for the Nintendo DS would recognize this very fast.

Rock On! I mean... "Gaist On!"

Rock On! I mean… “Gaist On!”

For those who don’t know what I am talking about, this video should help.

The main difference is that this a 3D game, not the traditional sidescrolling style of Mega Man. To note, this is actually a sequel to a previous 3DS game just called Gaist Crusher. Either way, I would be interested in trying this game out. I do hope it gets a Western release sometime in the future. Perhaps if we make enough noise like for some certain Wii titles, it’ll come.

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