Can Super Mario Maker Save Wii U? Analysts Are Conflicted

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This month’s Super Mario Maker was released to immense acclaim from fans and critics alike, but how it’s propelling sales of the Wii U is unknown as of yet. A recent article from Forbes, entitled ‘Can Super Mario Save Nintendo?’, gathered quotes from industry analysts debating the efficacy of the game’s power to move consoles, and they are split on the matter.

Analyst Christine Arrington of IHS says that nostalgia was a key element in Nintendo’s marketing, and it just might work with a wide audience. “One of the things that I think Nintendo really hit [with Super Mario Maker] was the nostalgia factor in their marketing,” she explained. “You see them hitting the market that has been a fan of Mario since they were kids 30 years ago and now many of them have young children. There is a significant ‘family moment’ that Nintendo is really selling around the experience.”

John Taylor, the managing director of Arcadia Investment Corp. concurs that Super Mario’s brand power is unflappable. “Mario is, by far, the single largest video game property ever. It’s where you start in scaling the size of the market globally for games.”

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter however believes that nothing, not even Super Mario Maker, can save Wii U now. “I doubt that anything can save the Wii U. Anyone who has waited this long is unlikely to be swayed by this game, although I would imagine you’ll see a sales spike of a few hundred thousand units over the next several months.”

Super Mario Maker is not only a level creator themed after the Super Mario franchise’s most memorable platformers, but also acts as a celebration of the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. When Mario Maker launched, the Wii U was last reported to have sold 10.01 million units after two and a half years on the market. In less than a week, 1 million courses were uploaded to Mario Maker‘s online servers, boding well for the game’s long-term success.

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