Build-A-Bear Will Have Pikachu Doll Available Early 2016

Fans of the Pokémon Pikachu will soon be able to craft one of their own at Build-A-Bear stores across the globe. The Pokémon Company International is partnering with Build-A-Bear to make a Pikachu doll available in North America, Europe, and Australia beginning in early 2016. As a special bonus, a limited edition trading card will be available with the plush.

Among the customization options, Pikachu will have an PokeBall hoodie with in-store purchase and a Charizard outfit available when ordered online (undoubtedly similar to the Pikachu plush seen above available in Japan). All dolls will have a Pikachu sound chip installed inside.

As for pricing, nothing was announced yet. If current Build-A-Bear options are anything to go by, stuffed animals are typically $25, while add-on costumes are $12.50, hoodies are $8.50, and sound chips are $5.00.

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