Brick Race Review (New 3DS eShop)


It took me only two minutes to master Brick Race, the latest discount game from eShop developer/publisher RCMADIAX with its utterly simple mechanics. Brick Race serves as a functional time waster, but I wouldn’t really touch it again.

The gist of the game is guiding a simple racing car forever upwards, dodging other cars to shoot for a high score. Forgoing smooth analog steering, your car moves in sideways singular digital increments. Adding challenge is the ever-increasing speed of the racers. If you make a single mistake, it’s all over, especially if you’ve amassed a high score. This is fine for a few minutes, but I’m let disappointed, even bored. There’s no variation on this one theme, which doesn’t cut it in 2016 in my book.

This being my first encounter with one of RCMADIAX’s games, Brick Race has set my expectations quite low. The graphics are simple, there’s only one looping musical composition, and there’s no 3D effect because all the racing is on the touch screen. Brick Race wears its low budget on it’s sleeve.

The graphics owe a lot to sources from simple ASCI games and the Game Boy. “Simple” was good on Game Boy, but 3DS owners in 2016 demand much more. I’ll give Brick Race the benefit of the doubt that its blocky art style is a deliberate choice, a throwback to a time when (portable) gaming was less demanding. But given current player’s expectations, it doesn’t terribly impress on a technical level.

Other gripes: Literally the only ways to interact with the menu system here is restarting after you “game over” and starting up a race (‘Menu’ and ‘Play’ are all you see on that touch screen). There’s a Speed denominator at the bottom of the screen, but you can’t manually change it before playing. There’s also no way to pause the game as you’re used to (outside of some cumbersome Home menu button action). I’m pretty sure Game Boy games circa 1989 have more options than this.

Brick Race is exactly what is says on the “box”: a two dollar time waster like you’re used to on mobile platforms with a severe lack of options or customization. If you’re experienced with RCMADIAX’s portfolio of download games, you know what you’re in for. If you’re up for a budget game, you could do worse, but way better as well. There are other games in the studio’s portfolio that surely provide more bang for the buck than Brick Race.

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Brick Race Review (New 3DS eShop)
Brick Race continues RCMADIAX's trend of simple-to-play eShop downloads. I can see Brick Race will work as a decent high score chaser when you've a few minutes to kill, but it's not without it's flaws.
The Good
  • Simple game play experience
  • Low price of entry
The Bad
  • No options
  • Can't pause mid-game
  • "Simple" game play experience
4Overall Score
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