Breath Of The Wild Breaches The Sensitive Topic Of Suicide

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game dense with details and discoveries, but the following moment from the game may be the most touching of all. Dorkly editor Tristan Cooper shared a particular scene from the game that shows a concerned NPC (non-playable character) try to talk Link out of jumping off of a bridge. It’s a rare moment of a video game tackling the topic of suicide in a realistic manner.

(Slight Spoilers to Follow)

Incidentally, Tristan also spotted another NPC, this one who bears a striking resemblance to the late Robin Williams. Mr. Williams passed away in 2014 from suicide, and was a big Zelda fan himself. Upon fan requests, Nintendo made the vague promise to honor Robin in a future Zelda game. Without any official word, it’s hard to say if this indeed is a tribute to the actor.

In a game as dense as Breath of the Wild, one must think that someone at Nintendo (or its Treehouse translation group in Redmond) put this realistic exchange in the game to reach out to even one person playing. Whether it is trying to work as social commentary or not, it does show a degree of realism in how the game’s NPCs can be, and how your (Link’s) actions can affect them. It’s a rare discussion of suicide as a topic that is often avoided in video games.

*If you yourself need help in times of distress, please remember to call the National Prevention Hotline.

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