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 Always Nintendo Reviews   Bravely Default (NA)


            Square Enix is and has always been one of the best developers for RPG games and RPG games seem to be where they succeed the most. Many masterpieces have come out of the studios of Square Enix and this time with the help of Silicon Studios they have developed a game that can be easily considered a masterpiece. It looks, feels and plays as your everyday run-of-the mill RPG but has small tweaks in the battle system that improve the whole concept by a huge amount.

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            Bravely Default takes place in a world which maintains its harmony using 4 crystals which are served and protected by 4 Vestals. When the crystals become plagued by darkness the world begins to fall apart with them as a large chasm opens swallowing up an entire city as well as poisoning the oceans and stopping the flow of winds. The main characters are: Agnès Oblige, the Vestal of the Wind Crystal who takes it upon herself to free the crystals after she witnesses the fate of the Wind Crystal, Tiz Arrior, a boy who watches as the chasm swallows up his city, Ringabel a mysterious character who owns a journal which can tell the future and Edea Lee who is the daughter of the king of the Ducy of Eternia. These 4 characters join together under unforeseen circumstances and join the Vestal Agnès on her journey to save the crystals.


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Bravely Default is mainly an RPG and as such the majority of gameplay is the battles. The battles play out very well and are definitely one of the best I’ve seen in RPG’s. Bravely Default’s battles appear to be average turn based battles but they actually have a new mechanic that greatly improves the flow of battles. The “Brave and Default” mechanic allows you to Default and guard one turn in order to Brave and attack twice the next turn. The Defaults can stack up allowing for multiple hits per turn. The game also does not force any classes on any characters and experience is gained separately for the characters and the classes allowing you to switch classes for characters freely. Classes can also be given specific skills from other classes. This allows more freedom in the way you battle as well as allowing you to have different “sets” of classes and lets you plan classes before you enter a battle.  Some other small mechanics are an ability to force the game to make it your turn while spending a currency in the game called sleep points. They take a very long time to recharge though. You also have the ability to summon one of your friends characters to attack your opponents too.

 Always Nintendo Reviews   Bravely Default (NA)

The overworld of Bravely Default is a fully explorable map in which you travel to locations in real time. The game also gives you an Airship to make travelling to different continents easier. The overworld plays nicely but the characters may feel too slow for the player at times and there is no alternate option when walking.

Bravely Default also has other minigames inside of it to pass the time when you aren’t playing the main story. The main one is rebuilding Norende where you are able to rebuild Tiz’s city in a “Farmville” like simulator. This takes a long time but is useful in the long run once it allows you to get powerful weapons later in the game.

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A battle in Bravely Default


The Graphics of Bravely Default are very well done and use a combination of 3D elements with a 3D background in most cities. The city’s art are very well done in particular I really liked Florem and its beautiful floral backgrounds and floral inspired architecture and Ancheim using its steampunk inspired architecture and the entire city running on windmills. The dungeons use mainly an overhead view and are also very detailed in design with each dungeon being inspired from a theme. The characters and objects in the game are also very well designed. The games characters all seem to be designed based on medieval and renaissance peoples. Such as the people of Anchiem who resemble Arabic peoples from the medieval ages. The main characters all have good but slightly generic designs but can change clothes around using classes. The monsters are also designed well but they also seem slightly generic and use basic enemies like wolves orcs and dragons however these enemies are designed slightly differently than they usually are. 3D mode also works decently and can be used in certain places to add depth to situations. Overall Bravely Default makes use of the 3DS’s graphics capabilities very well and excels the most in overworld design.

anchheim bravely default Always Nintendo Reviews   Bravely Default (NA)

The city of Ancheim from Bravely Default


Bravely Default has a beautiful soundtrack, composed by Revo from the Japanese musical group Sound Horizon it uses a combination of orchestral epics and rock music to create a beautiful soundtrack. Most of the best music occurs during battles. However this review will not do the music justice. I’ll just let you listen and decide yourself:


           All in all Bravely Default is an utter masterpiece with its redefining of the average rpg into something beautiful and amazing. With great gameplay, great graphics and an amazing soundtrack  Bravely Default gets a:

Great Always Nintendo Reviews   Bravely Default (NA)

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 Always Nintendo Reviews   Bravely Default (NA)
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 Always Nintendo Reviews   Bravely Default (NA)

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