Bombing Bastards Review (Wii U)

Bombing Bastards Wii U Review


Bombing Bastards is incredibly hard, and that’s okay. Even after my twentieth death in a row I keep coming back. This game is incredibly addictive. I don’t know if it’s the sense of accomplishment when I beat a level or the amazing tactical gameplay, but I can’t get enough of it. Bombing Bastards accomplishes a feat very few games do by giving the gamer an incredible sense of accomplishment and I recommend it to anybody with a Wii U.


In Bombing Bastards you play as a robot created by Dr. Wallow, a scientist who’s goal is to one day rule the entire galaxy. He created you to do all the dirty work for him and rid the galaxy of all alien inhabitants. Filled with humorous and fun dialogue, I never got bored of hearing Dr.Wallow’s next command or quick-witted remark after the death of an enemy; or myself. It just made the game all that more enjoyable and it added that tiny bit of polish only found in very special games.


The gameplay revolves around using bombs to destroy enemies, in a very similar fashion to bomberman. Players will learn to use the environment to their advantage to farm power-ups and trap enemies. Most enemies have a mind of their own (and a very smart one at that) and will avoid bombs by hiding in nooks and crannies riddled throughout the map. This causes a the game to be incredibly hard as you have to use a tactical mind and think one step ahead of the aliens inhabiting the map. The map is randomly generated and the layout is different each time. More and more environmental hazards are added as you progress through Adventure Mode, and at first you’ll hate them for constantly trapping you or making you throw a bomb at yourself, but as you continue to die you’ll learn to use these effects to your advantage. And you will die a lot, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. With each death you can learn from your mistakes so that you may overcome the harsh environment and the aliens inhabiting it. When you do eventually overcome the obstacles, it will be well worth it for the sense of accomplishment alone. This is my favorite part about the game, when you defeat that last enemy and declare the territory as your own you get a real sense of accomplishment that can’t be found in many games today.


Bombing Bastards features two game modes, Battle Mode and Adventure. Adventure is your typical campaign mode where you progress through a linear story. You will adventure through five worlds, each with five levels and a boss fight. Each level features a three star rating system, but it is unknown how you achieve a higher ranking as there is no scoring system. This makes it even harder to achieve the perfect three star rating as you have no idea how to achieve it. My guess is that it is based on completion time, but it may also take into consideration power-ups collected and land destroyed.  The game can be completed in a short amount of time with enough skill, but it will take a while to achieve that level of excellence required to progress at a fast pace. Each of the five levels escalate in difficulty and generally add a small tweak. The first gripe I had when playing this was the pacing. I felt as if it piled on too much in the beginning and very little as you progress throughout the game. This is very minor, but I do feel it will turn some people away who want a more consistent progression.

The second game mode, Battle Mode, is a local two-five player versus mode that pins each player against each other. The players must “fight to the death” until only on robot is left standing. Honestly, I was a bit surprised by the level of customization this mode featured. From extra AI players and their individual difficulty to time limits, to whether or not you want the map to shrink at the end of a match, it’s all here. I had a blast playing it with my family, and I think that many players will experience the same joy that I felt playing with their friends and family.


Bombing Bastards is a beautiful game. The bright and cartoony art style stands out among the plethora of grey and brown hyper realistic games seen often in the games industry today. The character and enemy design is particularly fantastic and feel as if they would belong in this universe.  If I had one gripe with the graphics in this game, it would be that they often feel repetitive. As you go along in the game you’ll see the same enemy multiple times but with a new color swap depending on which of the five maps you are playing on. This often broke the sense of immersion that was created by the stellar sound design and art style.


The soundtrack for Bombing Bastards is compiled of remixes of classical songs courtesy of Samuel Safa. Songs like The Carnival of the Animals and The Barber of Seville: Overture have been given a modern update and they sound amazing. I would listen to these songs by themselves on an almost daily basis, if I had access to them beyond the game. All the sounds in the game are given a nice polish that adds a layer of realism, but they also manage to sound cartoony enough that they feel like they belong in this specific game. These particular songs can be heard almost anywhere you go and everybody’s listened to them each at least ten times, but they sound new enough that, combined with the sound effects, they add a unique touch to a game many will write off as a bomberman clone.

Control Options:

  • Wii U Gamepad
  • Wii Remote
  • Classic Controller
  • Pro Controller

Miiverse Integration:

There is no Miiverse integration. For a game releasing primarily on the Wii U (also Amazon Fire TV and other platforms at a later date) this is kind of disappointing. For a game so hard, it would be fun to be able to boast to friends about beating a challenging boss through the game. A leaderboard with time taken to beat the level/game would be great, but it isn’t in the game at the moment. There are currently no plans to add it in a future update.

Use of the Wii U Gamepad:

The Wii U gamepad displays exactly what you see on the television, and this isn’t bad, it’s just a little disappointing. With a game with so much polish it’s sad to see that the gamepad only has one function. This wasn’t anything that made the game worse, it was just a missed opportunity to make the game better.


I’d recommend this game to anybody who owns a Wii U. Just oozing character, this game cannot be passed up as a Bomberman clone, as developer Sanuk Games finds many ways to make it feel unique and special. I had a blast playing it and I feel that anybody who is up to the challenge will as well. I give Bombing Bastards an 8.5/10.

Bombing Bastards Review (Wii U)
Gameplay 9.5
  • Great Tactical Gamplay
  • Humorous and Fun Writing
  • Beautiful Graphics and Music
  • Lack of Miiverse Integration
  • Very Minor Pacing Issues
8.5Overall Score
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