Bloodstained Hits $3 Million, Wii U Port Acquired

Including PayPal backers, Kickstarter darling Bloodstained has surpassed $3 million in funding, which means the game is definitely coming to Wii U.

This version will be handled by Armature Studio, developers of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate as well as numerous ports like the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS Vita. For the uninitiated, Armature was founded by notable ex-Metroid Prime staff back in 2008. Suffice to say, these guys know their way around a Metroidvania.

In more good news, backers of Bloodstained will now have the option to select a physical Wii U copy of the game  at $60+ tiers as well as a digital iteration at $28+. Not only that, but Armature has a number of features in mind that will be exclusive to this Wii U port such as:

  • Pro Controller Support
  • The map on GamePad while playing on the TV
  • The ability to draw on/annotate the map
  • Play exclusively on the GamePad (off-screen play)
  • Miiverse social integration
  • Featuring your Mii in-game

None of these features are set in stone yet, but Armature says they will do their best to implement as many as possible.

So what are you waiting for, Nintendo fans? Now is as good of time as ever to back Bloodstained if you’re looking for some more spooky Castlevania action in your life. Back it up!

[Via Kickstarter]
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