Bloo Kid 2 Review (3DS)

Before Nintendo announced their plans of entering into the mobile games business, every developer on the App Store was trying to make a retro Mario-styled game to make a quick buck. They often had a distinguishable lack of quality compared to their official counterparts. Bloo Kid 2, originally on the App Store and now on 3DS, seems like it could fit into that category, but does it? Let’s find out!

Taking inspiration from the classics like Mario or Sonic, Bloo Kid 2 certainly seems like it could be the next Shovel Knight at first glance. Bloo Kid 2 is a platformer at heart, and while jumping and moving around might not feel as great as a Mario game, it’s certainly close. Your jumping height isn’t that high, but the game makes up for it with the ability to double jump, which can be extremely handy in many situations as long as you can get used to the floatiness. In the game, you will go across 5 varied worlds: the grass world, the desert world, the ice world, the ghost world, and the sky world. Yeah, not exactly the most unique themes.

Same could be said of the level design. It’s bland and repetitive and no matter how far I progressed in the game I always felt like I was doing the same level over and over. Bloo Kid 2 occasionally tries to spice up the levels with boss fights, but they’re almost all ripped out from other games! It literally copy and pasted the Whispy Woods straight from Kirby and it doesn’t stop there. It’s one thing to pay homage to classic boss encounters, but here in Bloo Kid 2, it feels more like plagiarism than anything else.

And bosses aren’t the only unoriginal thing in this game either. For one thing, the enemy design is also consistently bland and/or practically lifted from their source material. Not only that, enemies in general feel criminally overpowered — even on the easy difficulty! The game also imitates those minecart levels from Donkey Kong Country albeit it’s a far less enjoyable take.

Speaking of which, Bloo Kid 2 also suffers from the case of artificial difficulty. I got stuck on one minecart level for two whole hours because A) the game doesn’t bother explaining how these segments control and B) jumps must be executed with pixel-perfect precision. Then there was a poorly designed auto-scrolling level that proved to be way too demanding. This level stumped me for an entire day, and even when I tried restarting the game on a lower difficulty, it didn’t help things at all. Needless to say, balance is not this game’s strong suit. Not by a long shot.

If you can look past these glaring flaws, there may be some fun to be had in Bloo Kid 2. For each level, there are several different goals to complete such as clearing the level within a certain time, not taking damage, so on and so forth. Triumphing over enemies oftentimes feels rewarding since discerning and memorizing enemy attack patterns is all but necessary. The controls, for the most part, are tight and function as they should, it’s just too bad movement is locked to only the D-Pad. The soundtrack is also very listenable if not great, each track complimenting its respective world quite nicely.

Overall, Bloo Kid 2 suffers from a lack of originality, poor design choices, and artificial difficulty. While amusing at times, the game can get insanely difficult in a frustrating, unwarranted sense. However, for $5 on the eShop it’s more or less worth the price, just don’t expect to be blown away.

Bloo Kid 2 Review (3DS)
Overall, Bloo Kid 2 suffers from the lack of originality, poor design choices, and artificial difficulty. While fun at times, the game can get frustratingly hard. However, For 5 dollars on the eShop, it is worth the price. Just don't expect to be blown away.
  • Lots of collectibles
  • Tight controls
  • Lack of originality
  • Artificial difficulty
  • Poor design choices
6.5Overall Score
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