Blok Drop X: Twisted Fusion Review (Wii U eShop)

To players who haven’t played the game’s predecessor, Blok Drop X: Twisted Fusion doesn’t look like much. At first glance, the graphic style and gameplay appears somewhat recycled and stale after years of mobile game releases that play off of similar puzzle elements. What I did not expect however, was for the game to grow on me the more I played. What I learned quite quickly was that what the game lacked in initial appeal, it made up for with a clever, and also quite challenging level design.

The Concept of Blok Drop X: Twisted Fusion is simple. Your goal is to guide your main character, an interesting circular figure named GoGo, to the bottom of each stage by removing the boxes that he sits on, by tapping them on the gamepad’s touchscreen. As an added twist that was fused into the Block Drop series, you must also use the environment and boxes to clear out a variety of monsters that appear on each stage.

block drop x 1

At first this concept of destroying monsters seemed like a gimmicky addition to the series so that it could remain fresh, however as I progressed through the stages, the monsters’ presence too managed to grow on me as I realized that they are a welcome presence in the way that they allow for an even higher difficulty setting that requires actual strategy formulation on stages, instead of simply removing boxes and hoping for the best.

Unfortunately, but also to be expected, this game does have its shortcomings, and thought the game is only two dollars, these shortcomings should still be noted. While the newly added protagonist and monsters act as an enjoyable addition in many aspects of the game, their movements and reactions to gravity and contact can be disappointing at times. The way GoGo moves off of objects can at times feel inaccurate, and the monsters’ delayed death on impact unfortunately makes an already dull and static presence even more lifeless. As I got to later levels, it got to the point where I almost missed the minimalist art style from the original Blok drop game, in comparison to the new art style that provides a facade of life and color. Aesthetic preferences and shortcomings aside, the core element of the game lies in its problem solving, which fortunately is the aspect that shines the brightest.block drop x 2

 What makes the game enjoyable, and also reassuring as an indie title on the Wii U, is the developers’ ability to recognize what the game is. Blok Drop X: Twisted Fusion is a two-dollar puzzle game that provides a variety of complex, and several infuriatingly difficult levels. The lack of a haphazardly attempted storyline and micro-transactions is a breath of fresh air among the puzzle genre.

RCMADIAX and Leuvsion knew exactly what kind of audience they were catering to, and executed it in a straightforward and reassuring manner. If you enjoy simplistic puzzle games that can provide complex and strategy reliant level designs, and you also happen to own a Wii U, give Blok Drop X: Twisted Fusion a try. For two-dollars, the game is well worth the money for anyone looking for a strategic challenge.

Blok Drop X: Twisted Fusion Review (Wii U eShop)
Blok Drop X: Twisted Fusion provides an unpolished, yet enjoyable and strategic oriented puzzle game, that manages to test and infuriate people young and old alike.
  • Well developed level design
  • Fairly priced
  • Infuriatingly difficult at times
  • Lifeless enemy design and behavior
  • Occasional gravitational inaccuracies
  • Infuriatingly difficult at times
6.5Overall Score
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