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Ever since Nintendo announced the Nintendo Web Framework (which lets you build HTML5 games for the Wii U) at GDC 2013, we’ve seen a new entry way for indie developers to publish on the Wii U. 2014 is here and some of those games are wrapping up, among them: Blok Drop U. I’ve been looking forward to playing  physics-puzzler Blok Drop U since I first saw it. And now I’ve gotten a chance to speak with Michael Aschenbrenner and the one man show that is RCMADIAX.



Tell us about RCMADIAX and yourself?

My name is Michael Aschenbrenner, 28, born and raised here in Pittsburgh, PA. During the day I am a Field Sales Representative for a Communications company. At night and during my free time on the weekends I like to design games. RCMADIAX, my game label, was formed late last year to focus primarily on Wii U software development.


RCMADIAX, that’s a mouthful! Is there any story about that name?

Well, actually, there is! When I was in 8th grade, age 14, I always dreamed of being a roller coaster designer and was obsessed with riding them as well. This was right around the time AIM was a big deal and needed to come up with a screen name. I was seeking to get the name Roller Coaster Maniac, but of course that was taken. So I started mixing and matching letters until I came up with RCMADIAX. It kinda stuck with me throughout all these years and is something very unique that I knew would stand out.


Some of our readers may not be familiar with Blok Drop U, Could you explain the game play and concept for us?

BLOK DROP U is a challenging physics-based puzzle game exclusively for Wii U. Your goal is simple, guide the red blok to rest safely on any

platform, while removing all the gray bloks. You must be careful not to destroy the red blok or you will fail the stage and must start over.


Was Blok Drop U an idea you already had in your head, or did you start developing once you got the devkit?

It was something I already had in my head when I started to look into HTML5 game development. The Nintendo Web Framework program was announced shortly after and knew that Wii U would be a perfect fit for the game.

Would you recommend bringing a HTML5 game to the Nintendo Web Framework? How much work would it take? 

I would absolutely recommend bringing an HTML5 game to Nintendo Web Framework. It is no harder than building for a web browser or mobile device. I had BLOK DROP U completed from start to finish in about 3-4 months. If you already have an existing title built, it would be a much shorter process.


Would you say a game made with the Nintendo Web Framework is more likely to pass Nintendo certification?

That’s hard for me to personally answer. This is the first time I have made a game with Nintendo, and therefore have no experience to compare it to. However, since I do have one experience with Apple and the iTunes process, I will say that Nintendo takes greater care to ensure that a quality consumer experience is brought to the end user. Also, Nintendo’s support is above and beyond than what you will get from Apple or Google.


What can you tell us about your next project: Super Robo Mouse?

This title is still early in development, but I can share a few basic details. You assume the role of a robot mouse that must get through the maze to the end goal. The goal at the end is locked and you must collect “Titanium Cheese” game pieces in order to unlock the goal. During your journey you will come across many obstacles including enemies and big bosses. You could say it falls in the puzzle platformer category. I am currently working with a professional artist to give the title a premium look and feel. I hope to have more information to share in mid-February about this title and would like to launch in Q2 2014.


Where do you see RCMADIAX in the future?

My short term goal is to work on Wii U content exclusively. Although I have looked into the possibility of OUYA and Xbox One development for SUPER ROBO MOUSE. I currently have 4 projects on my plate for this year in addition to the FREE updates for BLOK DROP U, of which 3 will remain Wii U exclusives



Blok Drop U Will hit the Nintendo eShop soon for just $1.99. RCMADIAX Plans to release 20 free new stages in Q2/Q3 2014, 30 more free stages later this year in Q4. Blok Drop U looks to be a great indie start for the Wii U in 2014.

You can check out RCMADIAX’s website here!

Follow ’em on Twitter @RCMADIAX

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