Here’s the First BLOK DROP U Graphics Update Trailer

BLOK DROP U Graphical Update

Here’s the latest Blok Drop U Graphics trailer update! After receiving minor criticism about the game’s art style, indie game developer RCMADIAX decided to make some improvements! RCMADIAX is showing continued support the game with more updates and downloadable content on the way so keep an eye out for that!

BLOK DROP U is a simple, yet challenging, physics-based puzzle game exclusively for Wii U. Your goal is to guide the red blok safely to rest on any of the normal platforms by tapping, and destroying, the grey bloks. A number of different obstacles such as open holes, blades, bounce bloks and more will try to destroy your red blok. Players can pick which set of stages they would like to play, or begin with the basics and continue all the way through to the end.

Always Nintendo has an upcoming review of the game’s latest update so stay tuned! If you’re in the mood for some more puzzle-dropping goodness, check out our interview with RCMADIAX! It’ll give you some more information on the game. Will you be picking BLOK DROP U up? If you’ve already picked it up, what are your thoughts on it? You can let me know by leaving a comment below!

More info on the Nintendo eShop

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