BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma (eShop Review)

Blaz Blue: Clone Phantasma is a top down brawler style game available on the 3DS eShop.  To start off, the only similarity between this game and past BlazBlue games is the name and the characters.  If you were expecting this to be the classic 2D fighter then you will be sorely dissapointed.  Clone Phantasma is a sequel to a previous game in the same style called BlazBlue: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale, what a mouthful.  Originally released in 2012 in Japan, Clone Phantasma is a very simple take on BlazBlue with a chibi art style and lackluster brawler mechanics.

ncbb3ds_02There are ten playable characters in the game and each one has their own custom “drive” move.  The combat consists of three attacks that don’t combo at all and include a light attack, a heavy attack, and your drive move.  A drive move is a special move each character has that does something special.  My personal favorite drive moves belong to Jin and Ragna which are well known characters in the franchise.  Your basic attack is just a basic combo that’s different for each character and the heavy attack is normally a weaker version of your drive move.  When you complete combos and kill enemies you gain levels up to a maximum of 3 which increases your attack power.  Your health is represented by three hearts right about your drive gauge. The drive gauge represents how many times you can use your drive move.  The gauge starts empty and as you continue to use your drive move it will fill up, if the gauge fills and you use your drive move again then you will be stunned for a short time.  Even though the game is very easy this is a good way to balance the fighting because drive moves are extremely over powered.  The overall power of your moves doesn’t matter too much though because each stage has a pit around it and it’s much easier to just knock the enemies out for an instant kill.

There isn’t much replay-ability offered from the game since every character has the same objectives and each level looks exactly the same.  All you do is fight increasing waves of easy enemies and then a boss that you need to knock off the stage three times.  It becomes repetitive very quickly when you realize every character goes through the same stages in the same order.  The only random factor that comes into play are the item29-blazblue-clone-phantasma-4s which can provide a good or bad effect for a short period of time.  Some items give you infinite drive use for a limited time, and some will slow your character down.  There is also a challenge mode which has nothing to do with the story and is just an endless horde mode.  In challenge mode you receive messages occasionally saying things like “You’re almost there!” and “Keep pushing forward”  but I’ve lasted over ten minutes and killed close to 1000 enemies and have never seen the end.

The story in BlazBlue games has always been sort of vague and not much is revealed without playing numerous characters to try and piece together what is happening, but this game takes it to a whole new level.  I’ve played each character in the game and beaten their respective story modes because it’s not very long, but all I’ve been able to gather about this game is that each character has no clue how they got here and don’t believe anyone is who they say they are.  Which probably isn’t too much different from the other stories when I come to think of it.

Even though BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma is very basic and becomes repetitive quickly I keep coming back to it for some reason.  It has almost the same effect as a Dynasty Warriors game, the game is very basic but it’s always fun to just beat on the mindless A.I.  While this game is probably even more simple than Dynasty Warriors it still carries the same basic appeal.  If you are looking for a classic BlazBlue game then you will want to skip over this title.  Unless you are really scrounging for a game to play then I wouldn’t recommend this at the $5.99 USD price point.  Even though it is a fully playable game there just isn’t enough content to pay that price.  I give BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma a 7/10.


BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma (eShop Review)
Art Style8
  • Good Character Design
  • Drive moves are fun
  • Almost no challenge
  • Very repetitive
7Overall Score
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