Black Friday Wii U Sales Tell Two Different Stories

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With Black Friday come and gone, retailers are beginning to report their findings on consumer spending back to various market research groups. While we now know that overall Black Friday sales slid down by 11% year over year, how did game consoles fare? The Wii U surely had a lot to prove this year, what with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and amiibo launching a mere week before to compliment a banner year of quality games (like Mario Kart 8). The good news is that ebay reported positive sales for the console on Black Friday. The bad news is Infoscout reporting that interest in the Wii U was lower than its competition.

Research firm Infoscout accounted for console sales data across retailers like Target and Wal Mart. The Wii U had a much lower interest rate among consumers in a poll, only topping the PS3. At the same time, the Xbox One surprisingly topped Black Friday interest, above the rival console of the PS4. The company also says that the Wii U was primarily purchased for children (at 92%), whereas Xbox One and PS4 were purchased by and for older audiences. All of this data was accounted from 180,000 receipts submitted via smart phone app, so don’t assume it represents a universal truth of the Wii U’s performance this past weekend.



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If not at regular retail, at least the Wii U found success with online store ebay. According to the auction site, 4,000 Wii Us were sold within 17 minutes, or 4 for every second. In fact, it was one of the most popular items sold during Black Friday, comparable to the iPad. For comparison, the $399 iPad sold 2,000 units sold at one per second, with 2,000 of them disappearing in 30 minutes.

We now have a small picture of how Wii U did for the opening of the holiday shopping season. NPD numbers (and a press release from Nintendo) will expand further on the exact number of consoles sold. What are your thoughts on Wii U’s Black Friday performance? Did you manage to buy a console during the weekend?

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