Bit Boy!! Arcade (3DS eShop) Review

Bit Boy!! Arcade (Wii U eShop) Review

I had a blast playing Bit Boy!! ARCADE. It’s fun and colorful and just about everything you’d want from an indie eShop game. It’s just charming and strange enough to make you want more…


Gameplay lends itself to part puzzler, part action, part collect-a-thon. You’re movement is limited to four directions using A, B, X, Y buttons, pressing them faster results in faster movement.  Movement is enhanced by elements on the playing field. Bomb Tiles, Rocket Tiles, Jump Tiles etc. Levels have different phases which have you play through the same environment with a increased difficulty.  You’re goal in each phase is rescue/collect the 7 Pixel Friends while avoiding enemies and hazards. Once all 7 are collected, you can zoom around the field and destroy those same enemies. There is a time limit, but it only applies to how much you can score points. For example, the countdown timer starts after you rescue the first pixel friend in the phase, then once you run out of time, you stop scoring points for that phase. However, you’re still allowed to finish the phase. Another cool addition to the game are the “PixelFlies” that you need to collect in each phase. They’re not necessary to complete each level, but you will need them to unlock boss stages.


The gamplay is different and unique and not “terrible” as some people have said. I found it to favor speed running and getting as big a score as you can, while still catering to people who take their time and don’t care fore their score. I think the scoring time limit establishes that well.

Boy, am I glad I had a BUNCH of Play Coins.You can spend two Play Coins to continue after a game over, unless you want to restart the area at phase 1. The difficulty wavered a bit. but I felt that  it was challenging enought to be enjoy enjoyable.


The music was catchy and fun, and I found myself stopping to listen. As for the voice acting accompanying the story, It was a nice addition to a charming story. I enjoyed the little banter between Kubi and his creator, trying his best to make the little guy happy. I don’t understand why Kubi has such a deep, booming voice. It kinda caught me off guard a bit, after a while I got used to it. One thing I found that was really cool were all the tidbits about the design of the game that Bernd (the Game Designer) explains. It was really fascinating getting to take a look into the various design choices made through out development. A very neat addition!


All in all, Bit Boy!! ARCADE was a blast to play and full of little things that add up to something special. Definitely worth a play! I give Bit Boy!! Arcade an 8/10!

Bit Boy!! Arcade (3DS eShop) Review
Replayability 7
Sound & Music7.8
Game Design & Mechanics8.1
8Overall Score
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