Behind the Notes: Realm Overworld ~ From Sea to Land

Two events have lined up to make me write this Behind the Notes; I just beat Wind Waker HD, and I revived my DS Lite from the dead. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is definitely one of those games that reminds the player how different each Zelda game is from the next. This game is the most modern out of all of the Zelda games, as the world has gone into the industrial era, and steam engines are what New Hyrule is about.Spirit_Train_2

The music of Spirit Tracks definitely has a style that had never really been used before. As riding trains are a major part of the game, the makers behind the game focused heavily on giving the beat of the music a very train track feel. Combine that with a great melody, and you’ve got an amazing soundtrack, and amazing it is. The maker of today’s video made the song 30 minutes long, so hit play, and let’s take a train ride across the Realm Overworld theme.

Like many Zelda games, a magical instrument is used as a key gameplay element, and usually that instrument is in most of the game’s music. Ocarina of Time had the ocarina, Skyward Sword had the harp, and Spirit Tracks has the pan flute. The pan flute has a very rustic sound, and the game does have a rustic theme to it, with Link traveling the large fields of New Hyrule in a train.

Link_Playing_Spirit_FluteAs this song does overall represent New Hyrule, it would be expected that it would have a different feel compared to the music of its predecessors, and that it does. The overworld theme high differs from the style used in the game’s prequels, Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, as this focuses less of grand, rich, royal instruments, and more on rural instruments. Usage of drums and flutes, yet moments featuring string instruments create a split feel, representing both past a present, the past may have been grand and things may just be settling now, but in the future New Hyrule will prosper.

That is all for this week’s Behind the Notes! Let me know in the comments below what you thought of today’s issue, and what you would like us to analyze next week!


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