Behind the Notes: The Great Sea ~ Adventure Awaits!

I finally was able to get my hands on a Wii U, and snag a copy of Wind Waker HD from the Mario Kart 8 Club Nintendo deal. I had played the Wind Waker back in my early years as a Zelda fan, and boy did I love it. When I first played it, taking those first few steps on Outset Island, I knew a major adventure was ahead of me. Even to this day, remnants of that first adventure still live on with me today. To play the game again with the stunning graphical and lighting upgrades, it is truly like reliving the past all over again, more yet more vivid than before.


The Wind Waker is definitely a game that leaves an impression onto every player it comes across, usually positive. The game has such a strong yet playful charm that people for ever live with, and it is always for the same reason; this game lets the player go through an amazing adventure. What sets this title apart from other Zelda titles is that the players won’t be running across a field, or traveling through parallel dimensions. This game lets players explore a vast sea, that goes for miles and miles.

The Great Sea truly lives up to its name. There are so many different personalities that inhabit this bright blue sea, dozens of islands to explore, each with their own story, and so much to be done in each little nook and cranny. Of course it is the job of the music accompanying the area to live up to what it portrays, and the composers behind the Great Sea theme knew what they were doing. So without further ado, let’s analyze the beauty that is the Great Sea theme. The maker of this video made the song 30 minutes long, so hit play, and let’s go on an adventure.

Picture this, you just came out of a dungeon, after hours of pain and darkness, and finally you get to see the light. The King of Red Lions has given you your next task, and it is on the other side of the Great Sea. You hop onto your trusty boat, set the wind in the correct direction, put up your sail and you start moving, away from the island you were just at, and into the big ocean blue. Accompanying your voyage is a strong drum line, royal strings, and a proud brass and woodwind section.

That is the precise feeling the player gets to feel when they are sailing on the Great Sea. Sailing on powerful waves, and calm waters, through thunderstorms, and hurricanes, the Great Sea lets the player truly experience an ever changing world. The themes happy and grand feeling truly portrays that as long as the waves keep on coming from the ocean, there will always be light in the world. Some days may be gray on the ocean, but eventually the player will leave the storm and see the light that goes on for miles.

That is all for this week’s Behind the Notes. Let me know in the comments below what you would like next week’s song to be. Happy sailing!

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