Behind the Notes: Confess the Truth ~ A Piece Filled With the Pain of Truth

We are doubling up on the Ace Attorney music, as we will now take a look at music from one of the series’ spin-off titles, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. The first in what is currently a two part side series for the Ace Attorney games, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth brings a brand new view to the Ace Attorney universe, one that many fans have been craving for.

In Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, the player gets to take the role of the main series games’ antagonist, Miles Edgeworth, a cold-blooded prosecutor that cares about nothing other than getting a “Guilty” verdict, no matter what it takes. Miles Edgeworth is secretive and stern, in nearly every definition of the latter. When his past is brought up, he will take every precaution needed to avoid it.

Considering Miles Edgeworth’s cold-bloodedness, it can safely be said that he doesn’t care about the feelings of others greatly. In the song we will be looking at today, this can be seen crystal-clearly. We will be looking at Confess the Truth 2009. Like last weeks issue, the creator of the video extended the song for 30 minutes, so hit play, relax, and read on.

” ____ the Truth” themes differ in each Ace Attorney games, but they are all used in similar scenarios; the player has gotten someone pinned down, and that person has no choice but to reveal game changing secrets. Whether it means forcing a murderer to reveal his/her intentions, or ripping dark secrets from someones path, these themes are always epic and take place during trial sessions.

Miles Edgeworth is, as stated before, notorious for being cold hearted and not caring for anything more than a guilty verdict. It can then only be expected that his reaction to the truth is quite different than other protagonists in the series. To him getting the truth out is something he will show no other emotion than excitement, knowing he is one step closer to getting what he wants.

The song consists of 2 sections, which we will call A and B. The A section features a piano melody, with strings in the background. This part represents the truth being ripped out of the person Miles Edgeworth is interrogating. It shows the thoughts going through that person’s head, defeat and weakness. The B section shifts over to Edgeworth’s thoughts. This B section consists of a lower melody consisting of mostly chords, with strings replicating these chords. These are much more stern and calm, representing Edgeworth’s feeling of success and his newly found evidence to use for his case.

That is all for this week’s Behind the Notes, but let us know in the comments below what you would like to see in next week’s issue! New Behind the Notes come out Saturdays at 11 AM EST.

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