BBC: Industry Watchers Discuss the Zelda Wii U Delay

Zelda U Open World

The sudden delay of Wii U’s Legend of Zelda last week prompted all sorts of reactions across the net. The decision, while not easy, was made to incorporate new ideas and perfect the game’s open world design. Some people were positive that this delayed game would be great in the end, but a select few were on the negative side. The BBC’s Emily Thomas interviewed several industry experts who veer towards the latter opinion, and their answers paint a grim future for the Wii U.

Guy Cocker says the Zelda delay leaves the Wii U “completely barren – there’s a big hole which isn’t being filled like it is on Xbox One and PS4.” He also believes that the Wii U is a lost cost with or without Zelda’s 2015 release. “The Wii U is a failure in terms of the eyes of investors and the market in general. It’s not sold anywhere near the amount of units the PS4 and Xbox One. Nintendo are repositioning the business so they can get bigger on mobile and bring its titles to mobile.”

On the other hand, IGN’s Daniel Krupa thinks it’s not that bad for Zelda to get delayed from 2015. While other Wii U games of course do not have the weight of a Zelda, it does not mean death upon the console. “I don’t think delaying Zelda is a huge blow for Nintendo. A rushed Zelda, on the other hand, would definitely be more damaging.” He continues, “Mario Maker lets you create endlessly Mario levels of your own design – and Nintendo also has a brand-new property in the colourful, team-based shooter Splatoon. It’s true, none of them quite have the level of expectation surrounding them as Zelda, but then very few games do.”

What do you think, readers? Is the Wii U doomed, or does the delay mean a better Zelda? Reply in the comments with your opinion on the matter.

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