Bayonetta 3 Teased by Platinum; May be a Nintendo Exclusive

Bayonetta 3 Nintendo Exclusive

In an interview between IGN and Platinum Games, it was teased that Bayonetta 3 may be arriving in the near future—and it might just be another Nintendo exclusive.

More from the interview:

Should the opportunity arise I’d definitely like to keep nurturing this franchise,” he said [Yusuke Hashimoto]. “In terms of nurturing the content of this game, there’s a lot that we learned from Nintendo and if possible we would love to do it again and keep nurturing our child.

“I feel that it’s important to let your creativity flow and Nintendo has been able to provide us with the freedom to create what we had originally envisioned. We were able to have a lot of back-and-forth and they were able to provide objective feedback. I feel that was really good and helped push Bayonetta 2 to even higher quality.

“We started out with a fundamental freedom, with Nintendo telling us to go and create the game as we saw fit. But as the game started to take shape and we were starting to put all the pieces together, they were able to point out some things that we didn’t realise ourselves. That was really helpful for us.

-Yusuke Hashimoto, Game Director of Bayonetta 2.

Man, Bayonetta 3 would be awesome. Even better if it was a Nintendo exclusive! What do you think? Do you even want to see a Bayonetta sequel? I’d love to know! Let me know by leaving a comment below.


Bayonetta 3 Could Happen as Nintendo Exclusive, Says Dev [IGN]


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