Ballpoint Universe: Infinite Gets a Beautiful New Trailer

Ballpoint Universe Wii U

Ballpoint Universe: Infinite is an indie shooter made entirely with ballpoint-pen sketches where players explore detailed doodle worlds, customize their ink ships and blast through enemies in 16 missions. Now, Arachnid Games has revealed a stunning new trailer for the game, and it gives players a look at the beautiful visuals and awesome gameplay that will be featured in the game itself. Check it out below:

As you explore the doodle home-planet of Entrino, you’ll learn of the struggle between the Doodles and the Logicians (log-ish-ans) and even meet eccentric characters like Greg, the baseball-cap-wearing TV set, and Rake, the owl-obsessed soldier. As you explore, you’ll approach closer the eye of the storm and unearth the secrets of the doodle realms.

Ballpoint Universe: Infinite is available on the Nintendo eShop today for the price of $4.99. Will you be picking it up? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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