Armillo Review (Wii U eShop)

Armillo is one of those games that hits just about every check list a reviewer has. Great presentation? Check. Fun and functional gameplay? Check. Replayability and content? Check. A great price point? Check. An awesome soundtrack? Check. Armillo is the kind of indie game I’ve been waiting a long time for on the Wii U.


The most important thing you should take from this review is that Armillo is a blast to play. If you’re in the mood to brush up your platforming skills, it provides a great challenge late game. Armillo is actually deceivingly easy at the onset, only to kick it up a notch once you think you’ve gotten the hang of it. You can move Armillo using the Control Stick. Controlling him is smooth and feels very natural. You can boost using the Y button. Boosting is useful for plowing through obstacles and changing directions quickly. You can also press B to jump. Being a platformer, you’ll be jumping over pits and projectiles often. If you seek a greater challenge, you can try out the gyroscopic controls. They’re very tricky to use, but are a fun alternative.


I managed to finish the main game in about 4 hours. That’s not including all the unlockable side-scrolling and bonus levels that add a wealth of replay value. There’s plenty here for the completionist to do, things to go back and unlock, and critters to collect in each level. There are also upgrades to buy for health, lives, etc. and plenty to do after the main story.

A common complaint among some of our staff members is the graphics. This brings up a point I’ve made before: Graphics don’t make a game. Gameplay does. And this game delivers on this point. Personally, I thought the graphics were fine. I mean, they weren’t breathtaking, but they weren’t supposed to be. It wasn’t something I’d go out of my way to mention.  However, we all pretty much agreed on the fact that this game has a fantastic soundtrack! Groovy and somber, tense and slow, it matches your feelings as you barrel and hop through the environment. It’s fantastic and definitely adds another layer to this game.


Luckily for Armillo, what issues it does have are of technical nature. It doesn’t happen often, but this game can drop frame rate drastically. Not just slowdown, I mean a solid second or two of lag. It’s not necessarily gamebreaking, and I can only remember once when I could blame getting hit because of it. Another thing worth mentioning is the size of the game. Armillo is HUGE. It clocks in at just past 1.3 GB. ( as a comparison Wind The Legend of Zelda: Waker HD is about 1.7 GB). So be prepared for that once you begin your download.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Games really has something special here with Armillo. The game is absolutely fantastic. I love the gameplay, I love the music, and I even love the menus. For $8.00, it’s easily the best indie experience you can get on the Wii U eShop right now. Period.

I proudly award Armillo an 8 out of 10.

Armillo will be available at a special introductory price of $6.00, get it today!

Armillo Review (Wii U eShop)
Sound and Music8.6
Replayability 7.4
  • Loads of Fun
  • Groovy Soundtrack
  • Great Price
  • Frame-rate Slow Down
  • Large Install size
  • High Endgame Dificulty
8Overall Score
Reader Rating: (7 Votes)
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