AquaMoto Racing 3D Review (3DS eShop)

Aqua Moto Racing 3D 3DS eShop review

AquaMoto Racing 3D available on the 3DS eShop is a watercraft racing game. Like most racing games your goal is to pass the finish line in first place to get that gold medal all racers strive to earn. During your races, you’ll be performing stunts off of ramps and daringly passing buoys. You’ll find yourself competing in several tracks within each cup to proceed to the grand prix and be number one.

Being able to shoot through the water on your watercraft feels fluid enough though that may just be the water making my think that. It’s easy to lose control when you make a small mistake and not be able to catch back up with the other racers. Not being able to break with acceleration, boost and steering being the only major controls you’ll be using throughout the game can add to problems. Once you hit an object you get thrown in a certain direction and may have trouble redirecting yourself especially since you can’t go in reverse. Another problem I had was when I would make a bad turn and get stuck on the land. You can’t move once you get stuck and either have to wait three seconds till you respawn or hope that you can get off but by than you’re in last place and will have trouble catching up. At that point you’re better off restarting the race and trying again without making any mistakes.

Most of the time while playing AquaMoto Racing 3D I found that I was either always in first place or behind a few of the AI with better watercrafts than myself, but once I was in a certain place I generally found that you stay in that same position till the end of the race. It’s difficult to gain any advancement with skill alone as the AI hardly messes up and always stays on the same path. To get first place the best watercraft is almost always necessary and to get that, you may just have to replay certain races enough times until you earn enough money to purchase the superior watercraft. Getting money is easy enough though as you can pick up money bags or earn it from doing tricks and finishing cups. Also, when in first place it’s hard to get an idea of how close the AI is behind as looking over the shoulder to get another view is not an option, but the map is still visible to help the player get somewhat of an idea of how far away the competition is.

The tracks are held in exotic places such as the tropics, Greece, and Egypt with respective scenario in each area like palm trees in the tropics, windmills and ancient pillars in Greece, and the great pyramids being seem from the lakes from the scorching Egyptian dunes. Within each area there is a need to keep right of red buoys and the left of yellow buoys otherwise a strike will be given, with three strikes making you forfeit the race and try again. Going off of the ramps placed throughout the tracks will provide you with the option to try some tricks. One of the best parts of the game in my opinion. There are three tiers of tricks with two different options from each tier. You can do a third tier trick and earn more money than doing a second tier trick but in doing so it takes more time and could make you wipe out if you don’t give yourself enough time to do the trick. The best way to do the most tricks in the air and pulAquamoto Racing Review 2
l off those third tier ones are by using a boost before you go off the ramp. You can get a boost by completely filling up your boost gauge. To get it full you can either gain segments to fill it up by closely passing the buoys and doing higher stared tricks off of the ramp or getting a gauge token, usually placed at a certain point above a ramp, to instantly fill it up.

The visual and audio portions of this game are just fine. The graphics are good enough for a 3DS game and even the 3D function works great for this title making everything pop out as expected. Everything from your rider, the watercrafts, and the scenario around the races seem well detailed and nothing ever looks inherently bad. The style of the game is that of a cel-shaded game and helps make everything stand out nicely while playing. When playing races on storm mode in a quick race lightning flashes and rain will darken the setting making things seem even more chaotic in those instances. Choosing the color of your rider is another nice option available and with that option I choose a fashionable lime green for mine. The soundtrack is really nice and catchy as you race. It’s not too memorable but serves its purpose, has a fast paced pacific feel to it and fits with the game. One of the things I find funny is sometimes your racer taunts the others as you pass them by saying, “come on” in his generic voice.

AquaMoto Racing 3D is lots of fun to play when you have nothing else to do and just want to pass the time doing something entertaining. It’s not the best racer out there but it’s one of if not the only aquatic racing game I’ve play on the 3DS that fun and somewhat addicting to play. I give AquaMoto Racing 3D a 7.5 because it’s an aquatic game with tons stunts and the addictiveness or repetitiveness you can expect from a download title such as this.

AquaMoto Racing 3D Review (3DS eShop)
  • Quick fun
  • Lots of races
  • Cool stunts
  • Repetitive
  • Seems clunky
  • Easy to make mistakes
7.5Overall Score
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