Zelda Producer Responds to Miiverse Comments

Zelda U E3 2014

A couple hundred Miiverse posts is all it takes to get The Legend of Zelda producer, Eiji Aonuma’s attention.

Many fans have clamoured on, stating that the new Hyrule Warriors has cutscenes that are better than “the stuff Nintendo does!”.  At this point, I have to agree. The Zelda Wii U game trailer doesn’t seem to have that “Nintendo polish” that every other Nintendo game does have.

Aonuma has stated himself that the comments people are saying are “leaving him with rather complicated feelings”. He then goes on to tell us that it is his own personal mission to make sure Zelda Wii U will hold its own in that aspect to Hyrule Warriors. You can find his comments here: http://goo.gl/sYVYJN (Look towards the very bottom)

At this point in time, Hyrule Warriors‘ cut-scenes do look more appealing in comparison to Zelda Wii U‘s, though Zelda Wii U is only in early development. It’s a first-party Nintendo game; you can rest assured that everything in the new Zelda will completely blow Hyrule Warriors out of the water.

You can check out the trailers for Hyrule Warriors and Zelda Wii U here:

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