Aonuma Admits That he is Listening to the Requests of Fans for Majora’s Mask on 3DS

One thing asked for by the fans is a 3D remake of Majora’s Mask. At E3 this year, fans were in outrage with no announcement concerning the game. But in a  recent interview with Kotaku, Aonuma, the director and producer for numerous Zelda games, had released this statement on the topic; ” I do know that fans want to see Majora’s Mask. I’ve heard that voice, it’s very, very strong, and I’m always listening, is what I would say.”

When further pressed, the interviewer brought up the Majora’s Mask found in A Link Between Worlds. In response, Aonuma stated this; “Maybe I was toying with them a little. (laughter) I’m doing everything I can. I hear the voices of the fans. There are so many out there. It’s very loud, and just to acknowledge the fact that the need, the want is out there, I put that in there.”


From this, numerous points can be pulled out, ranging from whether Aonuma is continuing to toy with the fans to he is working on the remake.

Source: Kotaku Via: Nintendo Enthusiast

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