Animal Crossing: New Leaf Monthly Update – March 2014

It’s time for another Monthly Update!


That’s right, Isabelle. And there’s a few great things to discuss this month! Here we go:


March 3rd is Festivale! This is a fun little holiday in which you’ll find a peacock named Pave in your event plaza, and you may start to notice that there are colorful feathers floating all around your town. Talk to Pave and he’ll ask you to gather three of a color and give them to him. If you do, he’ll give you one piece of the Pave furniture set each time. The set includes: Bed, Bookshelf, Bureau, Chair, Chest, Clock, Closet, End Table, Lamp, Sofa, and Table. Your villagers will also be participating, and may be willing to trade colors with you, or even just give you one if you play and win a game with them. This is the only day you can obtain the Pave set in the game, of course, so set aside some time to play if you’re a real collector.




March 15th is the fishing tourney day this month. Chip will ask for one of these kinds of fish: Crucian Carp, Horse Mackerel, or Loach. So catch a few of each and place them somewhere in order of length so you can submit them to get the Fish furniture set.


March 17th is Shamrock Day! Nothing too special, but you can get a Shamrock Hat from Isabelle in the event plaza today, and make sure to wear green! (Not required, but why not?)


Shamrock Hat!


That’s all the events for this month, so how about some tips?


In honor of Shamrock Day, lets talk about Luck.

You may not even realize it, but Luck plays a large role in your day-to-day experiences on Animal Crossing. You might have seen your character trip when they were running, or found more money than usual dropping from trees. This is because of the luck you are having that day.

Luck is divided into 5 different categories. They are:

  • Money, which determines how much money you find in trees, from your money rock, and how much villagers will offer you for your items.
  • Friendship, which determines how much villagers of your gender appreciate chores you do for them, and what kinds of dialogue you can have with them.
  • Love, which determines how much villagers of the opposite gender appreciate your help, and what kinds of dialogue you have with them.
  • Item, which determines your chances of getting new items through holiday events, from other villagers, from Saharah, and from Leif after his weeding minigame.
  • Physical, which determines how often you trip while running, encounter jellyfish, or get mosquito bites.

Every day each of these categories are randomly assigned good luck or bad luck. Knowing how to improve your luck can help a lot on a day to day basis. You can improve your luck by improving your Feng Shui, and move all your green items to the South end of your house’s rooms. You can also improve you luck by wearing a lucky item. If Katrina is in town you can pay to have your fortune told, and she’ll tell you your lucky item of the day. Wear it to improve your luck! Oh, and get your fortune told 20 times and Katrina will move into your shopping street so you can visit her any day!

That’s it for March’s Update, but I’d like to try something new next month. Take some pictures in your town on Festivale or Shamrock Day, and send the best photo I’ll pick my favorites and include them in the April Edition! You can take the pictures in the game, and then save and turn off your 3DS, take out the SD card and insert it into your computer, OR you can post the picture using Miiverse, and find the picture on

 Can’t wait to see your pictures! And until next time, just remember that bad times… are just times that are bad!


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