Amiibo Selling Best in North America, Link Amiibo at #1

Mario Amiibo

Amiibo: it’s a thing. The wildly popular line of Nintendo NFC figures may have been popular for the wrong reasons: low stock leading to incessant scalping. During Nintendo’s latest financial briefing, Satoru Iwata laid out concrete sales data for amiibo. We already know that the line sold 5.7 million units since November 21st worldwide, but now we know where that stock has sold best, and which figures have sold best.

It turns out that amiibo leads the way in North America, selling 63% of all units. All other regions lag behind on amiibo, as Japan sold 11%, while Europe and Australia sit at 23% of total sales each.


Around the world except in Australia, Link was the best-selling figure, while in Australia, Mario was #1. In terms of sell-through, the impossible-to-find Marth sold best in North America. In Japan, it was Captain Falcon. Europe saw a high sell-through of Little Mac figures, while Ike sold-through the best in Australia (reminder: sell-through means percentage of stock sold, not necessarily total numbers).


If you feel like certain amiibo were impossible to find the moment they went on store shelves or online, you’re not alone. Satoru Iwata expressed his surprise that some amiibo were selling out in North America (and other western territories) and falling into the hands of scalpers.


As suspected, the difficulties in collecting certain, rare amiibo come from the limits of Nintendo’s production capacities. To face this turn of events, Nintendo confirmed that certain amiibo would be brought back to market if there is enough demand from consumers.


Finally, and most ominously, Nintendo confirmed that there would be a single-run, limited edition amiibo. As if multiple characters weren’t limited in production enough, Nintendo is preparing one limited edition amiibo with the clear intentions of “limited” production. Could we be seeing the rumored Gold and Silver Mario amiibo announced soon?


Full English translations and more information are to come from Nintendo’s official site. For now, what are your thoughts on the realities of amiibo madness?

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