Amiibo Expected to Rack in $1 Billion This Holiday Season

One Billion Dollar Profit Baby

That’s right, $1 Billion in profit is what analysts are expecting Nintendo to rake in from the Amiibos sold this season alongside their 3.6 Wii U consoles.  Additionally, “Nintendo has picked up good momentum heading into the Christmas season,” says Tomoaki Kawasaki, an analyst with Iwai Cosmo Securities Co. “This time they have a hit lineup. Amiibo represents a new revenue source, and we are watching it very closely.”  A new revenue source, but does it help out with any of Nintendo’s prior revenue sources?  Although that may a be long term question more relevant within Nintendo’s organization it may not be a question that investors are as concerned with, the same investors who have notoriously been breathing down Nintendo’s neck since the Wii U generation started two years ago.

Amiibo Cross-game compatibility

Nintendo has tried everything else via traditional methods to keep their investors at bay, and for any fans who have been paying attention there’s really no questioning their rejuvenated steady stream of software output.  We’ve seen this in Mario Kart 8’s media storm (touting a full-year commitment), Hyrule Warrior’s reprisal of the entire series’ past cast and motifs, in Smash’s densely layered package, and their promise to a new year already etched with 3 core franchise installments – Yoshi’s Woolly World, Starfox U, and The Legend of Zelda U.  It doesn’t seem to have stopped the downward momentum that is the Wii U era and so Amiibos have been Nintendo’s latest weapon to hold down the fort – Waves two and three are already expected to launch this month and early next year.  Analysts expect profits to possibly triple to 36.8 billion yen from last years 23 billion loss!  In any case, this is definitely good news for everyone!

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