Amiibo Functionality Discovered in Pokémon Rumble

Pokemon Rumble U NFC

A Youtuber known as Kolma has discovered a peculiar tidbit of news. Amiibos have the opportunity to lend a helping hand while playing Pokémon Rumble U. Though your Super Smash Bros. fighter you choose won’t appear (that would be awesome), a randomly selected Pokémon will be summoned into the game to assist you in your Rumble match. It was confirmed that several Wii U titles would support the use of amiibos, however, it was never announced for this game in particular. Though it cannot be called a glitch, this perhaps could have been intentional on Nintendo’s part. Though we’ll probably never know, it’s an interesting find nonetheless. If you own a copy of the game and an amiibo figurine, have you tried it out yet? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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