Amiibo Compatibility Now Available in One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X

One Piece Super Grand Battle! X amiibo

It looks as if Namco has jumped onto the amiibo train, too! One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X will be supporting amiibo figures to help unlock costumes. By placing a specific amiibo figurine on the Wii U gamepad, you can unlock these exclusive character outfits:

  • Nami – Wii Fit Trainer
  • Franky – Donkey Kong
  • Brook – Marth
  • Chopper – Kirby
  • Usopp – Yoshi
  • Nico Robin – Samus

These scans from Shonen Jump magazine show various One Piece characters from the critically acclaimed anime/manga series dressed as Mario, Luigi, Link and Fox. Sabo can also be unlocked as a secret character in the game by entering this code on the start screen: L+R, BX, Left, Right, AY, Up, Down.

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