Always Nintendo Mini-Review: Castle Clout 3D

At it’s very core, Castle Clout 3D is a  “Angry Birds”- esque physics game that tries to be different but falls short in a lot of categories, but most importantly: Gameplay. The Gameplay is bland and slow. Oh man, is it slow.  The camera is slow. The physics are slow. The whole game just feels sluggish. You control your catapult, trebuchet, or ballista through a series of buttons, both on the touch screen and mapped to the face buttons. In Angry Birds ( and similar games) you can zoom out to view the playfield in it’s entirety, But that’s not the case here. You can only scroll the camera left and right at a snails pace. Even thought there’s a slider on the touchscreen, the camera will only move at the same speed, no matter how fast you move it. Not to mention there’s no in-game music, Be prepared for looping environmental sounds and a little victory theme a the end of each level.

Treyon and Selectsoft try to enhance the gameplay here with different ammo types, weapons, building types and allies mixed in with the enemies to avoid hitting. It’s ok enough to breadcrumb you though the campaign, for a while anyway, with 150 levels. At least there’s some bulk to it. There’s a level editor, Which does what you’d expect. There’s a multiplayer mode were two teams of two can make (or pick a pre-built castle) and take turns going at each other on the same playfield, but is a “Hot-seat” multiplayer mode. Which means you’ll be passing  the 3DS around between yourself your buddies

It’s hard to recommend this game to anyone who isn’t a huge fan of these types of games (Especially at $4.99, That’s a nice Virtual Console game you could have gotten).  Unless you got this for free or you’re junkie for this kind of physics games, I’m gonna tell you to pass.


What do you think? am I crazy? Tell me in the comments below

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