Always Nintendo Remembers Satoru Iwata

It’s still difficult to imagine that Satoru Iwata is gone. Yesterday, we honored his memory by limiting posts only to those focused on Mr. Iwata and how the industry will remember him. Today, the staff of Always Nintendo will do the same. It’s nearly impossible to boil down what we feel about Satoru Iwata, but here are our memories and recollections on one of gaming’s finest leaders.


To me, Satoru Iwata was a Walt Disney-type figure. He would show us magical experiences that we could look forward to enjoying in the future. Even if I wasn’t interested in the game itself, every Nintendo Direct segment he lead filled me with a kind of warmth and joy. He was passionate about every game he presented and his enthusiasm was infectious. He had a sense of humor that was clearly visible in many of the video segments.
Mr. Iwata was more than the face of a company: he was a fan of it. The fact that he voluntarily cut his salary when the company was struggling financially shows his loyalty and dedication to Nintendo itself as well as its fanbase.
I never had the chance to meet Mr. Iwata personally and I will always regret that. However, I was gifted with many wonderful Nintendo games that he had a hand in and future games that may not have been possible without his past guidance. It is still a very small consolation. The man is gone and a life was lost. Rest in peace, Satoru Iwata. Thank you for all you have done for us.


This week, finding out the news that Satoru Iwata, the President of Nintendo had passed away was quite a shocker: cancer can be devastating. If you’re not familiar with his work, Iwata was known for his works on games such as Balloon Fight and Earthbound, two titles that were (and still are) a massive part of people’s childhood worldwide. You know Iwata’s untimely death is unfortunate when even Nintendo competitors such as Sony and Microsoft staff are releasing statements and offering condolences to friends and family alike. It’s especially sad seeing that Mr. Iwata left on a sour note with Nintendo fans following the announcement of Metroid Prime: Federation Force, a game that was definitely not well received with Metroid fans being livid. One of Iwata’s simplest, yet greatest quotes is “Video games are meant to be just one thing. Fun. Fun for everyone!” and he made games like that to be enjoyed by gamers everywhere. Rest in peace, Iwata.



My favorite thing about Satoru Iwata was his persistence. He stood by his values even when the rest of the world thought he was crazy or wrong. It’s this boldness that gave us the Wii and DS, because Iwata said games should be for everyone. Without Satoru Iwata, we might not have gotten some of the great games we have to be thankful for.  He was a unique specimen among gaming CEOs, a man from within who knew games and understood their DNA. That is a rare quality in this business. There will never be another Satoru Iwata. We should all follow by his example every day in the hobby we love.

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