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AN: Hey Rain! Thanks for allowing Always Nintendo to interview you guys! Would you be able to introduce yourselves and tell us about work that Rain Games has done in the past?

Heya! We’re a small team mainly from Bergen (Norway) with some Spanish traces. We’re  around ten people including 3D artists, programmers, sound designers, writers, physicist-conveted-into-game-designers, and much more. Teslagrad is our first launched game, although we had previously worked on another unreleased game, as well as in other various non-game projects.

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AN: I’ve noticed that a lot of game dev’s have chosen wacky and unexpected names for their studio’s over the years. Although more subtle than others, why did you guys go with the name Rain?

Well, let’s say that in Bergen winters, it’s either snowing or raining :P. When the studio was initially formed, with only few of the current members, it was mostly rainining. Hence the name. A traditional song from Bergen goes:

“Move to Bergen, move to Bergen right away, here life is like a fish under water, wet, cold and seabass manyfold.”

Teslagrad Wii U

AN: Visuals play a very important role in games that you guys make. Do you feel that the visuals featured in Teslagrad will make the gameplay experience more immersive? If so, what can gamers expect to encounter on the journey?

The visuals are obviously important, specially on a game like Teslagrad, who relies completely on environment and visuals in order to tell the story. In that regard you can see a lot of hints, clues and eye-candyish rewards while the game progresses. The story is told trough a series of different “patches”, some more perceptible than others. So players can expect a rather simple adventure told in a pretty unique way. Another kind of puzzle, hidden in the intertwined stories of kings, Teslamancers, ambition and “magic” electromagnetic powers. That said, no good game can be based exclusively on visuals, and in that meaning Teslagrad is no exception.

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AN: Do you guys have any plans to add any new and unique features to the Wii U version of Teslagrad?

From the start Teslagrad was a, let’s say, console-like game. It’s designed for the PC but with a gamepad in mind, so there’s not a big deal of differences when ported to Wii U. But fortunately the Wii U has a really interesting feature, which is the offscreen play. Not only you will be able to play completely on the Wii U gamepad, but also the map and secret card system (secret card are secret, he!) will be accesible from there, taking advantage of the touch interface. That feels really great!

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AN: Teslagrad features a very mysterious protagonist known as “The Last Teslamancer”. Could you go more into detail about his backstory?

As you said he’s the last of his kind, the Teslamancers. He’s just a little boy, and he has to run away from a crowd of deadly soldiers eager to catch him. Now, you are that boy, and you will go into the dreadful Tesla tower. That’s the “present” of the game, the first layer of the story, that you experience through by just playing the game.

The second layer of storytelling is the past; a past still with us in the present in Teslagrad. This part of the story is told in part by murals, statues and painted glass windows. Partially it’s told also by the secret scrolls hidden in the game… in part by Tesla Tower mechanized theatre, and in part by the scenes where what happened in the past is still possible to discern. This layer of storytelling is there for those that want to look for it, and certainly it could not be obvious at a first sight. That past speaks about barbarian wars, the rise of a honorable king and his relation with the teslamancer kind… and that’s all I can say. You should play to know what happened in the world of Elektropia.

AN: Can we expect to see the arrival of a Miiverse community for Teslagrad?

Being honest we haven’t thought about it yet. But we’ll see.

Teslagrad Punch Wii U

AN: I know this is a bit random, but if The Last Teslamancer was a character in Super Smash. Bros., what abilities would he have?

I like this question! He will basicly have his blink (dashing/short teleporting ability), and will punch with either positive or negative polarity. Red or blue, I’m pretty sure a hit by the polarity gauntlet must hurt! And what about using the Teslastaff to shoot a buzzing, scary ray of dea… of force, I mean. Would that be cheating? Also let me add divekicks, please. He doesn’t divekick in Teslagrad, but I see no obstacle to let teslaboy divekick in Super Smash Bros.

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AN: How would you explain the concept of Teslagrad to someone who has never heard of it or seen any of the gameplay?

I’d say that Teslagrad is a classic-flavored platformer with both puzzles and action, where electromagnetic forces, quick reflexes and brains are the key to discover the truth behind the little boy you play. Then I’d wait for a million of further questions.

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AN: I’m sure fans are craving for more stuff from you guys! Do you have any titles that you guys are working on that you’d like to let fans know about? (sneak peaks maybe :p)  If not, any planned DLC?

Not at this time, really. We’re focused on launching the console versions of Teslagrad, and that’s our #1 goal. Perhaps we’re also looking forward to sit down and put into paper some new concepts dancing around our minds… but that will have to wait.

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AN: Who in the gaming industry inspired you guys to go out and create games?

Wow, that’s a question that we should address the every member in the team, separately. Because we are all seasoned players, going from Metroid to Civilization, from Tetris to League of Legends. We love so many different kind of games… So well, let’s say that 16-bits era and other classic videogames have had a really relevant role while creating Teslagrad. They are part of us, clearly.

AN: What are your thoughts on Nintendo supporting so many indie developers? 

We’re really happy. Also feel grateful to Nintendo. Not only for they allowing us (we indie devs, as a whole) to join their platforms, which is a dream for us. As stated, we grew up playing Nintendo games! And they are providing us with advice and help, and doing their best to adapt Nintendo’s philosofy to a new wave of smaller developers. It’s really exciting.

Teslagrad Wii U Jump

AN: You’ve mentioned on the official Teslagrad site that there are no distractions in your games. No loading screens, GUI’s, or cutscenes. How hard did you guys have to work to get the to this point?

It’s just a matter of keeping the rules we set (regarding storytelling and mood), and removing every distraction from a GUI point of view. It’s not easy at all, but I think we’ve achieved to do it.

AN: Finally, do you guys have anything that you’d like to say to people considering buying Teslagrad? What can we expect to see from Rain Games in the future?

We just invite you all to try, play Teslagrad, enjoy it and share your thoughs with us. Teslagrad it’s only the beginning of our story, and the first sneak peek on what the universe that this team want to offer.

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